aff. an adjective-forming suffix meaning “of, pertaining to, or characteristic of,”“of the nature of,”“made of”:
Alpine; crystalline; equine; marine[/ex]
Etymology: < L -īnus; in some cases (< L-inus) < Gk -inos II
aff. a noun suffix used in the names of many organic compounds, esp. basic substances (amine; caffeine), and several elements (bromine; chlorine)
Compare -in II.
Etymology: < F; orig. identical with -ine III
aff. a noun-forming suffix found in a diverse group of words primarily of Latin and Romance origin, including abstract nouns
doctrine; famine; rapine[/ex]
agent nouns
concubine; inquiline[/ex]
names of artifacts or workplaces
and diminutives
figurine; tambourine[/ex]
in more recent coinages, this suffix occurs in names of prepared substances or commercial products
brilliantine; gabardine; glassine; saltine[/ex]
Etymology: (< F-in, -ine) < L-īnus(agentive), -īnaplace, thing, or abstraction IV
aff. a suffix of distinctively feminine nouns
chorine; heroine[/ex]
given names
Josephine; Pauline[/ex]
and feminine titles
Etymology: < F-ine< L-īna< Gk-īnē

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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